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WhatsApp messages on free amazon gift on its 30th anniversary is harmful

As you know that WhatsApp is one of the most popular online messaging apps. WhatsApp gives you permission to stay connected with your friends, colleagues and other people. You have to get a message from your friends or some unknown person. Which is asking you to do a survey on Amazon to claim free amazon gift on its 30th anniversary.

This free app claims its free amazon gift on its 30th anniversary celebration on Amazon. Today I am explaining to you about whatsapp message on free amazon gift. Read this post till the end to know more about it.

Whatsapp message on free amazon gift is its harmful 

The free gift you received is a URL in Amazon’s 30th anniversary messages and reads “Amazon 30th Anniversary Celebration Gift For All”, reads this message.

Once the URL is surveyed it will open the survey page as claimed in the message that it can win your free gift. Once the page is loaded then congratulate the users you have chosen to participate in our server as you can see in the image.

WhatsApp messages on free amazon gift on its 30th anniversary

The survey is also claiming that “the purpose of this survey is to improve the quality of service for our own users”. For this survey, this page attracts users to answer four questions. What is your gender, age group, how do you rate the Amazon service, etc.?

Whether you are using mobile devices like Android or iPhone. The timer is running on this page to show the time limit for submitting the answer.

As the user presents all the answers to those questions, a bunch of gift boxes appear on the screen. Users have to select one box.

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Users have to share this quiz with 20 personal chats or 5WhatsApp groups on the messaging platform to win the prize. But this is a throwback. Users win Huawei Mate 40 Pro in this case. In most cases the users never received the gift. But users get caught up in such fake tasks to fulfill one or other conditions.

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