What is Shopify its features and Review?

What is Shopify its features and Review?

What is Shopify its features and Review:- Hey Guys, today I am going to tell you about Shopify. you can get all details about Shopify and you can use it easily on your android, ios and computer. it is an eCommerce company. anybody can join Shopify and do business. below you can get information about what is Shopify, how to login into Shopify, the features of Shopify and how to download it. let’s get started.

What is Shopify

Shopify is a Canadian multinational eCommerce business company. Its headquarters are in Ottawa and Ontario. Originally this company is for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems.

Shopify provides special services to its retailers like payment, marketing, shipping and customer engagement tools etc. Shopify is present in both the App and website platforms across the world today.

You can run your eCommerce Business from anywhere with the help of Shopify Apps. if you have one or more Shopify accounts and stores, it makes it easier for you, to manage your orders and all products, and you can also connect with employees and track sales.

Almost people use Shopify apps. And some people use the website. Below we have tried to give all the information about Shopify apps. So let’s find out.

Feature of Shopify

Friends, Shopify has many features from where you can easily manage your Shopify store. So let’s take it. About Shopify’s features.

  • it Secures shopping cart-256-bit  by SSL
  • in this 100+ professional themes.
  • it Uses your own domain name.
  • you can Sell ​​on Facebook and Sell ​​in-store (POS)
  • you can Abandoned checkout recovery.
  • here are 70 payment gateways.
  • it can be translated into 50+ languages.
  • Integrate with Dropshippers or Fulfillment Centers.
  • you can get Product reviews, discount codes and coupons and Gift Cards.
  • it is a Full blogging platform, Mobile commerce ready, and with Social media integration.
  • here you can get Unlimited products, Unlimited bandwidth, Custom domain name

Sign Up Proecess

To signup for Shopify you need an email address, password and store name. But to signup, you are given free service for 14 days. You can signup for any credit card in Shopify without any risk. Let’s read step by step.

1]. Enter email address

2]. Enter your password

3]. Then enter the name Shopify store.

4]. Then click on create the store.

After creating the store, you have to fill in the details given below, only then you will be able to signup in your Shopify.

1]. first name

2]. last name

3]. address line1

4]. address line 2

5]. city

6]. country

7]. province

8]. Postal / Zip Code

9]. Phone number

10]. Click on Enter Store. You will have the option to add your own product.

Shopify pricing

Talking about Shopify pricing, you feel monthly so much as given 


  1. Basic Shopify- 29$
  2. Shopify – 79$
  3. Advance Shopify – 299$

How to login Shopify

To log in to Shopify, you have to fill in the registered email id and password. And you’ll go back to your Shopify dashboard again.


• Fulfill, refund, and archive orders for each location in your store

• Print packing slips and shipping labels

• Manage Tags and Notes

• Add Timeline Comment

• Track the correct conversion from your order details

• Create new draft orders and send them to your users

• See fraud analysis

Friends, after doing so many things, you can also change your brand and its themes in Shopify eCommerce Business and make your eCommerce Shopify store website with a good domain. And can sell the product.

How to Shopify App Download

To download Shopify you have to go to Playstore or Appstore. And you can download Write Shopify in the search box from there

I hope all of you guys have understood about Shopify. Click on the link to find out more. And share with your friends what is Shopify.

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