What is public App And Which type of News in Public App

What is public App And Which type of News in Public App

What is public App And Which type of News in Public App:- Today we will tell about such an app. With the help of this app, you will be able to watch short news local videos. In this, the videos of all the small events of the city are updated. The purpose of this app is to show all the events of a particular city in one place. So you can definitely use it. If you want to know more about Public app, then let’s read something new today.

What is Public App

Public – local videos are a type of Android app. They are made by in shorts. With its help, you can easily watch small and big videos of events in your city. So you can also call it a news app.

Here the information about the crime or corruption, Elections or Cricket Matches, Power cut or Water shortage, Film star visits or Religious etc. will be accessible first. The public app is available in multilanguage. And its ratings and reviews are much better.

Features of Public App

Friends Public app has been told about some great features. With which you will get some special information.

  • These are 100% App Free, and any Android user can use it.
  • In this, you can see all the videos according to your city.
  • You can get all the events in your city first.
  • In this, you can also share your opinion (opinion).
  • In this, any important video can be recorded and shared in the public app.
  • You can share the news with your friends and family or anywhere.
  • Notifications of any video are found in the public app.
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Which type of News in Public App

Friends, you must have known about Public App and its features above. So you should also know what kind of news local videos are seen in the Public App.

  • About the biggest robberies or accidents in your city or neighbourhood
  • latest movie shoot about
  • About elections, city candidates and political parties etc.
  • Regarding water shortage and traffic jam
  • Information about political campaigns and conflicts
  • Information about IPL or World Cup
  • Knowledge of construction of railway lines
  • Information on free health checkup in the city
  • Information about local farmers
  • Daily horoscope information
  • Information about jobs available in the city
  • Religious events and work
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How to Download Public App

Downloading the Public App is very easy, for this you will have to go to your playstore and search the Public App and download it. Or you can also follow the link.

Friends, this is some information about Public App and features of Public App. If you like this Public App, then do comment and share it with your friends.

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