What is Google Class Room How to Use Google Classroom

What is Google Class Room How to Use Google Classroom

what is Google Classroom in LockDown, it is the best apps for study in the Google Classroom, with the help of this you can easily study online? Whenever you want, you can use it for free from anywhere on both your mobile and computer.

As you all will know. There is a situation of lockdown against coronavirus. In the whole world, all schools are closed, due to which students have to study online. In such a situation, there are many applications are available where students are studying also.

Today we will talk about Google Classroom app, with the help of which all teachers can make their account in it and make good notes for the students of their school. Let’s read the complete information about Google Classroom.

What is Google Class Room

Google Classroom is one of the official apps of Google. This is a free app that even ordinary people can use without any restriction. It is available on both the app and the web. Google Classroom is a collaboration app available to teachers and students for free.

Teachers, professors, and others can create an online class by joining Google Classroom, and invite students to the Google Classroom to create and distribute assignments, notes etc.

With Google Classroom, students and teachers can have conversations about assignments Or notes, and teachers can also track students’ progress. Schools and colleges have to join Google Classroom to use it. Let’s read the benefits of Google Classroom, and how to use Google Classroom.

Benefits Of Google Classroom

Easy to set up- Classroom can be connected to Google Classroom through anyone code. This happens in a very short time, so it is easy.

Saves time- It saves your time, paper, and hard work. You have to put any assignment or notes in your classroom after which they reach all the students. You can also review and mark it from one place.

Improves organization- Students can see all their assignments, notes on an assignment page, while all class materials (e.g. documents, photos, videos) are automatically entered into folders in Google driver.

Communication- With the help of Google Classroom, communication is made with students, and Classroom also allows to stream completely. You can easily share your talk with students.

Affordable and secure- This is a very secure and inexpensive app, there are no advertisements in it so that teachers and students have trouble.

How to use Google Classroom 

An email is required to join the Google Classroom, which is now available to everyone. You can also log it from your browser [like Chrome, Firefox, and Opera] or from its application.

Now let’s create a class in it. Follow the steps below.

1. You have to click on the icon of + [Plus].

2. Then click on create a class.

3. Then fill in your information [where you have to provide information about class name, section, and subject.]. And click on create.

Note1. : – Click on the Student Tab to invite students. And click on the student icon. To invite a student, you can either share code to the left or invite them from your e-mail address.

note 2: – Click on the Stream tab to create the Assignment, and then move the mouse pointer to the plus + icon below. And by filling the details, put a question in it and can also set the date of answering in it.

So, friends, Google Classroom will prove very helpful to all of you in this lockdown. And you will also become an expert in doing online teaching. So friends, share this post with friends. So that they too can study in lockdown using Google classroom.

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