Top Best Udhar Bahi Khata App for business

Top best Udhar Bahi Khata App for business:- Friends, you are all welcome. In today’s post, all of you will know about the best Udhar Bahi Khata App. What can you do with this help? What kind of people are these important apps? We can use all these apps for absolutely free. Here you get Udhar Bahi Khata and Ledger Account Book. With the help of which you will be able to manage all your accounts easily. So let’s know about the Top Best Udhar Bahi Khata App.

Best Udhar Bahi Khata Book, Cash Book, Ledger Book, Len Den App

PhoneKhata App

PhoneKhata is one of the loan ledger apps. With the help of this, you can easily manage the books according to your small and big business like general store, pan shop or tea stall etc. These are absolutely secure apps. With this help, you can easily do lending transactions with your customer. Its rating and feedback are excellent.

Features of Phonekhata App

  • Phonekhata is a 100% free app.
  • These are secure apps. It also provides you with the option of credit and debit card.
  • Automatic balance is available. Automates money fast.
  • It is available in multilanguage. (Eg- Hindi, English, Punjabi, Gujarati, Telegu, Hinglish)
  • Automatic Data backup is available in it. Know more>>>

Where can I use PhoneKhata app

We can use it in the below-mentioned places. Such as- Kirana Shop, or General Store or Grocery Shop, Bakery, Food Thela and Juice Shops, Paan Shops, Ice-cream Shop, Small business doing a sale on credit/debit, Personal Credit Book Keeping, Playing some point based games, Bachelors living in shared accommodation, Giving money to friends.

Khata Book – Udhar Bahi Khata, Ledger Account Book

Khata Book app is also one of the Udhar Bahi Khata and Ledger Account Book. With its help, you can manage all your big and small businesses. Here you get many such features. With the help of which you can always keep in touch with your customer. These are also very good apps for India.


  • It is 100% Free, Safe and Secure.
  • it sends SMS for free on every transaction.
  • You can create an account for each customer separately in it…
  • You can also manage multiple shops in a single account.
  • In this, you can also send payment balance to your customer. know more>>>

OkCredit – Udhar Bahi Khata Book, Ledger App

The OkCredit app is also a very good Udhar Bahi Khata and Ledger Account. With its help, you can take care of your customer’s len den. You can also use it for small and big businesses.

  • features of ok credit
  • it is also 100 per cent free apps.
  • Very fast and secure apps.
  • Can send the notification at any time.
  • There are complete transaction automatic updates.
  • Calculates without any issue.
  • And there are options to backup in pdf. know more>>

Vcredit Udhar Khata Book, Cash Book, Ledger Book

Udhar Khata Book, Cash Book, Ledger Book, and Len Den can be easily done in the Credit app. It also works like all the above apps. In this too, you can easily manage a small business. Both its rating and review are good. And it acts like a manager…

Features of vcredit

  • You can easily enter any khatabook
  • In this, customers can send Payment Reminders for the account app.
  • You can collect online payments through UPI.
  • Business Cards can be sent from this account book app.
  • You can tally your Ledger Account Book.
  • Your Khata Book can be managed by this Khata Book. knowmore>>

munshiG Udhar Bahi Khata Book, Ledger Account Chat

The name may seem to be an old app but its work is digital. It also works like all the best Udhar Bahi Khata Book. Here you will get the same features as the rest of the apps. It is an Indian sales, purchase, credit (loan), debit (deposit), income, expense tracker and ledger (ledger) app.


  • It is one of the private and secure apps.
  • In this, you can manage accounts even offline.
  • Summary of accounts in pdf format can be found.
  • it also to take backup data in this.
  • You can also send a notification.
  • These MULTIPLE LANGUAGES are available in English, Hindi, Hinglish, Malayalam, Punjabi, Odia. knowmore>>>

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