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Swajan app Kolkata Police download: Swajan app is safe or not

Friends, through today’s post, you have been told the complete process of downloading the Swajan app Kolkata Police. Also, how can you use it? Information about this has also been updated. So read this post carefully.

Swajan app Kolkata Police

Kolkata Police has developed an application software “Swajan App” for the benefit of its all employees. It is available “Swajan” for the benefit of the employees. From here employees of Kolkata Police can check their complete details related to service matters. swajan app Kolkata police is very useful and user friendly. From here you can easily register.

How to download Swajan app?

To download the Swajan Kolkata appp, you have to go to its official portal. Its link is “”. there is no official app or apk are available. you need to complete your process through this portal.

By visiting this port you can register with the help of your mobile number. And login too easily.

How to use the Swajan app Kolkata Police?

You can use swajan easily by registering and login into your account. follow the given instruction.

Swajan app Kolkata Police download, Swajan app is safe or not
Swajan app Kolkata Police 
  1. Visit the ‘‘ page. Click on the Sign Up Option.
  2. Then type your mobile number and click on submit button, an SMS will come on the mobile and there you will get your password.
  3. If you lose your password, then you can re-register, the password will be re-accessed to your mobile.
  4. Remember that your mobile number must be in our database to receive the password.
  5. If you are having difficulty in registering, contact your RO office.
  6. If you cannot register alone, you can approach the CRO office. Phone:2250-5060

Kolkata police swajan app download

The Kolkata police swajan app cannot be downloaded on mobile, because there is no application are available. only the swajan portal are available which is as IP Address.

The Kolkata Police Swajan App cannot be downloaded on mobile, as there is no application available. Only the swajan portal is available which can be accessed through the IP address portal. And you can log in by registering your account.

Swajan app is safe or not

Before using any app, people should know the information about safe or not, real or fake.

By the way, on this”” website, apart from sign in, signup, and Status of Users, no other information has been mentioned on the official website. Due to this, it cannot be completely trusted.

Also, according to the technical fault, these portals of the swajan app are not safe. Because it does not have an SSL certificate (https://). Which can cause problems in security.

So before registering on the Swajan app apk or its portal, you should do your research thoroughly. And before using it, please take information about it from Kolkata Police.

And till then it will be better if you stay away from this app or website. Because this can also cause problems for your security.

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