Scheme beneficiary verification app V1.10 Download and Process

By | December 28, 2021
scheme beneficiary verification app

From here You can download the SCHEME BENEFICIARY VERIFICATION APP V 1.10 Key App by clicking on the link below. ⁇

Scheme beneficiary verification app V1.10 Download and Process

scheme beneficiary verification app

scheme beneficiary verification app

1. App Login Process

a) The app needs to be logged in with the Aadhaar number.

b) An OTP comes up after logging in. After entering that OTP and submitting it, the app will open.

2. Verification process

a) After logging in to the app we will see the Pension Verification option on the home screen page. Click on that option and select the option related to Village Secretariat.

b) Click on the Pensioner ID Pension Aadhaar name and the Pension Details screen will appear.

c) In the Pensioner Details screen, name of the district, zone name, village secretariat name, pensioner ID, pensioner name, amount, Aadhaar number will be displayed.

3) Status of the pensioner

Here you will be given two options by the government. Live status of the pensioner. If you click on Live Status here the process is to enter the pension details in full. The pensioner should complete the survey by clicking on the Death Dead option.

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