What is SAARA App? How to use saara.mp.gov.in SAARA App Download Kisan Fasal Girdawari Report » LatestApp

What is SAARA App? How to use saara.mp.gov.in SAARA App Download Kisan Fasal Girdawari Report

What is SAARA App? How to use saara.mp.gov.in SAARA App Download Kisan Fasal Girdawari Report

What is Saara App?

Friends, as we told you that the SAARA App is an app launched by the Government of Madhya Pradesh, whose full name is (Smart Application for Revenue Administration), this app has been specially developed for the farmers of the state, through which the state.

You will be able to see the girdawari report of the farmers of the state, as well as enter the information of their sown crops on the app, which will prevent the arbitrariness of the patwaris and the information of the farmers sown crops girdawari in a transparent manner. Can be made available till the administration.

Crop Girdwari, which is a necessary process to be done every year, through which all the information about the crops of the farmers is made available to the government, this application will be able to compensate the farmers for the loss due to natural calamities, crop insurance, bank loan etc. important to obtain.

Farmers of the state will now be able to use this app easily by downloading the app from the Google Play Store online and using it to issue the Girdawari report of all types of weather crops, as well as any problems related to the information of crops. If so, you can also file a complaint.

Details of Saara App 2022

  • Article – SAARA App Girdawari Report
  • App Name – SAARA App
  • Launched by – Government of Madhya Pradesh
  • Department – Revenue Department, Madhya Pradesh
  • Year – 2022
  • Scheme Category – State Government Scheme
  • Beneficiary – Farmers of Madhya Pradesh
  • Purpose – To provide farmers with their girdwari report through the app
  • Official website – saara.mp.gov.in

How to download SAARA App

To download the SARA app on your phone, applicants can read the given procedure and download it on their phone.

  • The applicant has to first open the Google Play Store on his phone.
  • Now you have to search it by typing MP SAARA App in the search box.
  • After this, the app will open in front, in which you will have to click on the option of install. 
  • Now the app will start installing on your phone, as soon as the installation process is completed, the app will be downloaded on your mobile.
  • Now you will be able to use it by opening the app.

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Saara app benefits and features

The information about the benefits to be received by the farmers through the SARA app is as follows.

  • Using this app, farmers will now be able to register the Girdawari report of their crops on their own mobile.
  • Applicant farmers will not have to go to Patwari again and again for their crop Girdawari.
  • The farmers of the state will get the opportunity to enter the information of any crop sown by them through the app on the app sitting at home.
  • Transparency will be brought in the works, which will prevent the loss caused by the patwaris coming and going in the works and the farmer not passing the information about the crop to the government.
  • The information about the agricultural land of the farmers will be made available to the government through the app so that due to the occurrence of any natural calamity or crisis, the farmers will be able to get adequate compensation for the loss of their crops.
  • Only farmers registered on the SARA app will be able to get complete information about their land anywhere and anytime.

How to view farmer crop girdawari report on SAARA portal

If the applicant farmers can follow the given procedure to view their crops report on the SAARA App Portal.

  • The applicant has to first visit the official website of the SAARA Portal.
  • Now the home page will open on your screen.
  • Here on the home page, you will see the option of crop girdawari, in which you have to click on the visit option.
  • Now on the next page, you will see four options like Girdwari Status, Number of Villages on the basis of Girdwari %, District Wise Report, Halkawai/Village Wise Progress Report, Crop Wise Report.
  • You have to click on the report you want to view from the given options.
  • After which the year wise report of the crop will open in front of you.

How to use SAARA App?

It is worth mentioning that the use of the SAARA App is limited to the general public as it is mainly made for the internal use of officers/employees of the department.

Officers/employees can use it by logging on to the SAARA App. To use the official version of the MP SAARA App, you must have login details such as your User ID and Password. If you have a User ID and Password then you can also log in from your PC – SAARA App Login

However, the access level of the general public on the app is being continuously upgraded over the past months and it is expected that more features will be made available to the public soon.

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