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Remove china: Remove China apps from Google Playstore

Remove Chinese apps from Google Playstore / Top 52 Chinese Apps in India:- Hello friends, in today’s post, I will tell you about the best Chinese apps that make an impact on the protection of your mobile. And I have uninstalled all the China apps from my mobile. You must also uninstall all these China apps.

I will tell you about all those Chinese apps lists which google has removed from playstore. And one of the lists of China apps will definitely be on your mobile too. But the first thing is that for which reasons google has removed all these China apps. So read the direct answer below.

Why Google Remove China apps from Google Playstore

The simple answer to this question is that the China app has proved to be dangerous for all users. Because of the dangerous malware in the Chinese app, so Google has removed 30 applications from the playstore. According to different news, all these Chinese apps used to steal data somewhere.

And all those apps have millions of downloads. But now you will not meet him at playstore at all. But those who have already installed all those apps in their Android mobile. They should uninstall these China apps from their mobile.

Friends, below is a list of all those Chinese Apps, by seeing which you will understand which China apps have been removed from the playstore by Google.

Google Remove China Apps List 2020

From the China app below, you will know which application they are and how many downloads they have. All these are related to Apps Camera. You can see below. But this is not the same and Chinese apps whose downloads are more than these.

  • Yoriko camera – 1 Lac
  • Solu camera – 5 lakhs
  • Lite Beauty Camera – 10 million
  • Beauty Collage Lite – 5 lakhs
  • Beauty and Filters camera – 10 million
  • Photo Collage and beauty camera – 1 Lac
  • Gaty Beauty Camera – 5 lakhs
  • Pand Selfie Beauty Camera – 50 thousand
  • Cartoon Photo Editor and Selfie Beauty Camera – 10 million
  • Bendu Selfe Beauty Camera 10 million
  • Peanut Selfe Beauty and Photo Editor – 10 million
  • Mood Photo Editor and Selfie Beauty Camera – 5 lakhs
  • Rose Photo Editor and Selfie Beauty Camera – 10 million
  • Selfie Beauty Camera and Photo Editor – 1 Lac
  • Fog Selfie Beauty Camera 1 Lac
  • First Selfie Beauty Camera and Photo Editor – 50 million
  • Vanu Selfie Beauty Camera – 1 Lac
  • Sun Pro Beauty Camera – 10 million
  • Funny Sweet Beauty Camera – 5 lakhs
  • Little Bee Beauty Camera – 10 million
  • Beauty Camera and Photo Editor Pro – 10 million
  • Grass Beauty Camera – 10 million
  • Ele Beauty Camera – 10 million
  • Flower Beauty Camera – 1 Lac
  • Best Selfie Beauty Camera – 10 million
  • Orange camera – 5 lakhs
  • Sunny Beauty Camera – 10 million
  • Pro Selfie Beauty Camera – 5 lakhs
  • Selfie Beauty Camera Pro – 10 million
  • Elegant Beauty Cam – 50 thousand

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Top Chinese Apps in India

Friends, now you have to be careful. Because you all know how the condition of the country is due to coronavirus. And together, a lot of Indian soldiers are getting martyred in the battle of China and India. In such a situation, all of us should take such steps that we can help our country.

Friends, all these applications are given below are Chinese App and they are easily stealing public data. And in such a case, spying can be done with the China app. This is not right for our country and I have got some information from Bhashkar news that with the help of these 52 Chinese applications, important data of India is being sent outside India.

All these Chinese apps store locations and important information with them. So that the developer or intelligence agency of all these apps can make new strategies regarding this data, in such a situation, it is not right for you to use all these apps. Therefore, you are requested to please delete all these apps from your mobile. And make this post accessible to your friends.

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Remove China Apps (52 Chinese Apps )

Which we know as intelligence agencies say that below 50 Chinese apps can cause data leaks. And in such a situation it is very important to uninstall it.

There is an order for soldiers and common people to delete all these apps from your mobile, then you must do so. And the government must help.

  1. TikTok
  2. Helo
  3. Uc browser
  4. Uc news
  5. Share it
  6. Likee
  7. 360 Security
  8. News Dog (NewsDog)
  9. Shin (SHEIN)
  10. Vigo Video
  11. WeChat
  12. Weibo
  13. ZOOM
  14. Vibo live
  15. Club factory
  16. Xender
  17. Beauty plus
  18. Kwai
  19. ROMWE
  20. Photo wonder
  21. APUS Browser
  22. VivaVideo
  23. QU Video Inc
  24. Perfect corp
  25. CM Browser
  26. Virus Cleaner
  27. Hi Security Lab
  28. Mi community
  29. DU recorder
  30. YouCam Makeup
  31. Mi store
  32. DU Battery Saver
  33. Du browser
  34. DU Cleaner
  35. DU Privacy
  36. Clean master
  37. Baidu Translate
  38. Baidu Map Wonder Camera
  39. ES File Explorer
  40. QQ International
  41. QQ Launcher
  42. QQ Security Center
  43. QQ Player
  44. QQ Music-QQ Mail
  45. QQ NewsFeed
  46. Wesync
  47. SelfieCity
  48. Clash of Kings Mail Master
  49. Mi Video call-Xiaomi
  50. Parallel Space

Remove China Apps (42 Chinese Apps list)

Below is a list of some more Chinese applications, which are being used more by the younger generation of today. So they need to delete all these apps.

Friends, this is a list of only 24 Chinese apps. And some apps are included in the list above. So you can see them too. And it is also live video, short video editor and image editor.

  • Helo
  • SHAREit
  • TikTok
  • Kwai
  • UCBrowser
  • UCBrowser Mini
  • Liveme
  • Bigo Live
  • Vigo Video
  • Beauty plus
  • Xender
  • CamScanner
  • PUBG mobile
  • Clash of kings
  • Mobile Legends
  • ClubFactory
  • Shein
  • Romwe
  • Applock
  • Club factory
  • VMate
  • Game of sultans
  • Mafia city
  • Battle of empires

Remove China Apps /Chinese apps used in India

Here is a list of all those Chinese apps which Indians use the most. And it is one of the most popular apps. Therefore, you ignore them all.

  • Social media platforms: Helo and Shareit or xender
  • short video apps: TikTok, and Kwai and status maker
  • live streaming apps: LiveMe, Bigo Live, live me and Vigo Video
  • Utility applications: BeautyPlus, Xender and Cam Scanner, cm cleaner
  • Web browser apps: UCBrowser and UCBrowser Mini and more
  • Gaming apps and software: PUBG, Clash of Kings, Mobile Legends, the game of sultan and more.
  • E-commerce applications: ClubFactory, Shein, and Romwe

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I hope you all will find this information correct and good if you also love the country. Then the article “Why Google Remove China apps from Google Playstore” share it with your friends so that they also get information about which apps have been deleted.

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