Mubble is the app that allows you to explore your surroundings and interact with the people and places around you, wherever you are. Find things nearby, search for local events and places, and get real recommendations from local people.

Create and drop pictures and posts that are pinned to your current location for other users to discover and interact with. Use debris to keep pace with what your friends are posting anywhere in the world and see what is going on around them.

From meeting and interacting with nearby people to use it as your local travel guide, mubble is an essential social app for you.

Why the wreck? Simple – my + bubble = debris – the area and people that any of us are surrounded by at any given time.

Your Mubble

Use the map to locate, view and contact maps that have been abandoned. Want to see what’s happening on the other side of the world? No matter what you choose and see what real people are doing and posting, use Mubble to take virtual trips anywhere. Leave your own positions behind your current location to find people and let them see the world through their eyes.

Saved Mubble

Favorite Holiday Destination? Popular Local Hangout? Go to your happy place. Use the Save Mobers feature to remember any place in the world and easily save it at the touch of a button and see what’s going on there.

Connect through Mubble

Feeling inspired? Connect with other users through their posts and enhance conversations.

– Make friends –

Someone you like Add them as a friend and keep posting anywhere in the world and check out what’s going on around them!

Tracking is not cool and we will never do this with you! Debris never tracks you, we only use your location when you are using debris, so go there, explore the world and have fun!


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