Mizeoo.com is real or fake and How is this website working?

Mizeoo.com is real or fake
Mizeoo.com is real or fake

Mizeoo.com website: is it a real or fake website: There are many such websites that give some good responses in the market and do some scamming. That’s why today we are talking about Mizeoo.com website real or fake. Because a lot of people are searching for its accurate information. Here we will bring the complete truth of the Mizeoo.com website, so keep reading this page carefully.

What is Mizeoo.com Site?

Mizeoo.com is one such fashion website that provides different luxury designer products related to fashion through their website. From here you can easily buy any product and get features like Free Delivery, 7 Days Replace, Secure Payment, and 24/7 Support.

How is the Mizeoo.com website working?

This website was first created as an E-commerce shopping site. And this website is a WordPress website. Who reviews the product. And monetize from Google adsense which they are earning money.

Also, from here you get to see a service like buying money products. From where people can buy their product. Here all the products are around ₹ 189.00 and up to ₹ 199.00 only so that the user finds it cheap. But when you select the product and BUY NOW, its price increases to more than ₹ 995.00. In such a situation, users are surprised. In such a situation, they are doing completely fake work. And scamming with logos. So you have to stay away from it.

Mizeoo.com is real or fake

Now let’s talk about the Mizeoo.com website being fake, so it is not fake because it is running live on Google, but its services are looking fake. Because its ratings are not great. And users trust only those whose ratings and popularity are very high.

According to the information, this website traps the customers in an endless and vicious cycle of complaints in customer service without any answer. Then there is a scam like behaviour.

Mizeoo.com can be called completely fake because when we saw it’s About US page, it was completely empty. And in Contact Us, you get to see the Address and Contact Number. which are not reliable. Also, the information of its owner has not been mentioned. So it is better to stay away. You can try it at your own risk.

Mizeoo site runs Google AdSense’s ADS on its website, from which it is earning its money. And the truth is that most of the big E-commerce websites do not run ads of Google Adsense. This shows that it is only a means of earning

You can go to Amazon, Flipkart, Mantra and other online shopping platforms for Luxury Designer Products.

Mizeoo.com Customer Care

From here you can easily contact the customer of the Mizeoo site,

  • Address: Ground Floor, Shree Mahavir Textile Market Opp. Golwala Market, Ring Rd, Surat, Gujarat 395002.
  • Email: help.mizeoo@gmail.com
  • Phone: +91 7436882113

Disclaimer – This information has been written for the purpose of education only and our aim is to reach the correct information to the people. Here we are not trying to promote or degrade any website. Therefore, before proceeding with any step, you must think carefully.

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