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What is jar app? How to earn money by investing in Gold?

What is the jar app? The price of gold has been increasing in the last 5 years and will increase further in the coming years due to which people invest money in gold and earn profit from it when the price rises.

The method of investing in gold is very old but in today’s time, the trend of investing in digital gold is increasing very fast.

Many apps have come in Google Play Store from which you can invest in digital gold. Jar app has been in discussion for a long time in the matter of investing in digital gold.

If you are thinking of investing in digital gold, then with the help of this app you can invest in digital gold.

In this article I am going to give all the information about Jar app like what is jar app? How to download and use? So let’s know.

What is Digital Gold?

For those who do not know what is digital gold, let me tell them when you buy digital gold from a company’s app, then the real price of gold is visible in that app.

For example, suppose the price of gold is 5000 / gram and you have bought 5000 digital gold, then 1 gram of gold will be seen in that company’s app.

On buying digital gold, the company buys physical gold in your name, which you can ask for at your home or you can earn profit by selling it to the company when the price rises.

What is JAR app?

This is a digital gold investment app. In this app you can invest money in digital gold and earn profit. The interface of this app is very simple and you can easily invest in gold in it.

Investing in gold in this app is very easy. You can buy gold very easily and when the price of gold increases, you can transfer your money to your bank by selling it.

In this app you can start investing in gold with as little as Rs.100. You can use paytm, UPI to invest in gold.

This app has got a rating of 4.3 stars on the Play Store and has more than 1 million downloads. In this app you can set an investment limit in one go or daily gold, after which money will be invested in daily gold automatically.

There is a free spin on every investment in the jar app, on spin which you win from Rs 1 to Rs 5, the same money gets added to My Jar Winnings

When you have 100 rupees, you can also transfer them to the bank. You can see below how much is My Jar Winnings.

To see your My Jar Winnings, click on the locker, then by clicking on My Jar Winnings you can see Jar Earning

How To Download Jar App?

You can download this app by going to the Google Play Store or you can download the Jar App by going to the Google Play Store by clicking on the link below.

How to create an account in Jar App?

Creating an account is very easy, to create an account, you have to follow the steps given below.

Step 1 – Open the App after downloading

Step 2 – Enter your mobile number and click on the Next button

Step 3 – Click on I Have a promo code and enter Promo Code: ____

Step 4 – Enter your name in Enter Your Name and click on Continue

Step 5 – Select your Age and Gender and click on the Next button

Step 6 – Allow all permissions and click on Spin to Win

After following all these steps your account will be created. You can invest in gold after the account is created

How to use Jar App?

Home – Here you will see options like Buying Price of Gold, Daily Investment, Send Invite, Gift gold to someone

Discover – On clicking this option, options like View Referrals, UPI Auto invest Setup, Paytm Auto Invest setup, Enable Battery Optimization, Spare Change Auto-invest will appear

Transactions – After clicking on this option, the money invested by you will be visible, if you have gifted someone gold, then you can see its status here.

Locker – After clicking on the locker, the option to sell the gold will appear, in this way you can transfer the money to the bank by selling the purchased gold or you can get the gold delivered at home.

Jar App Refer & Earn

There is also a program of Refer & Earn in Jar App, according to which when someone downloads and uses this app from someone’s referral link, the referrer will get money.

Anyone who invests in gold for the first time by downloading this app from their referral link will get Rs 1 and when he makes 5 investments, the referrer will get Rs 20.

Here the talk of Rs.500/refer is completely false. You get 1 rupee on first investment of the referred friend and 20 rupees for 5 investments, after that you will get 1% commission for whatever he invests

Last word – Many apps are being launched for investing in digital gold. Before investing in any app, read its Terms & Conditions so that you do not have to regret it later.

Talking about Jar App, I have not used this app much yet, if you have used this app then definitely share your experience so that others can also get information.

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I hope you have understood all the information about Jar App very well and you must have understood what is Jar App? How to download and use it?

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