how to get free bc in pubg mobile lite 2020 Tips and Tricks

How to Get Free BC in Pubg Mobile Lite

how to get free bc in pubg mobile lite 2020 Tips and Tricks:- Friends you will know what kind of pubg mobile game if you play it. And you will also know that it is available in both premium and free Royale Pass. there are two version of pubg game- pubg mobile and pubg mobile lite. But we are talking about pubg lite game. you can get BC (Battle Coin) with the help of it, you can take benefits of pubg lite premium Royale Pass creator for free.

For the Royale Pass and BC videos and articles will be available on the Internet. But inside it, you can get other tips and trick. Which you will be able to easily get BC in your Pubg Mobile lite for free without any fake methods. if you want to know it So let’s get started below.

Friends, I am also a pubg player, and I play Pubg Mobile Lite games and I got BC one day while playing games. So I thought that it should necessarily to give you information about pubg mobile lite BC. So that you can enjoy it.

There are some Genuine Trick to get pubg lite Battle Coin per day. you can get per day 10 Battle Coins (BC) if you follow the tricks below.

Best way to get Bc for free in Pubg Mobile lite

As soon as you open Pubg Mobile lite, you will see its main interface first. After that, you will have to follow the steps below. If you understand the steps carefully. So you will able to get BC for free.

1. First, go to the Mission option and go the daily mission option.

2. After that, you have to scroll down to see the mission below and then go to the watch video option. As shown in the image and video below.

Image is not Appear Now

3. After that, you will have to go to your Inventory option. In this, you will have to go to the bottom of the box option. and you have to watch the pubg creator video completely.

4. After watching the video, you have to go to the option of the message box above. After that go to the option with the system and click on Collect All. 

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As soon as you collect all, you will collect all the gifts. You will get 5 BC. After that, You have to watch such videos without skipping. And you will always get five BC. In the same way, we have our BC Will be shown below and there will be proof of this in the video.

5. You can directly click on the BC icon and click on watch video To get the reward. Then, you have to watch the total video and click on get reward collect all. So you can get 5 BC.

6. This is another new trick. You must first click on the Video Play Button. And you have to watch 5 ads videos and then you will get the Pubg Battle Coin.

I hope you guys must have understood these tips and tricks. And you must follow it. And when you start getting BC (Battle Coin) then please tell me in the Comment box. We will also be happy and share the posts and videos (how to get free bc in pubg mobile lite) with your friends so that everyone can get BC.

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