Could not reach server in google pay

Could not reach server in google play
Could not reach server in google play

Hello, If you are using google pay and suddenly you get a notification “Could not access server in google play” then there is no need to panic. This error can be due to internet-related problems. And to fix it, the solution is given below. Which you want to follow.

could not reach server in google pay

When you start the Google Pay app, there is usually a common error ‘Could not reach the server’ after entering the PIN. It basically means that there is something wrong with the internet connection you are using. This is easy to fix:

  • First of all, check whether the internet light is blinking or not. Or if there is any other way to check if the internet is working properly, then check it.
  • Shut down the router and restart it
  • Make sure your phone’s prepaid/postpaid internet connection is working fine.
  • If it is working fine then try again after some time.

Couldn’t access Google Pay or GPay servers Another way:

  • To refresh the server with your GPay app, all you have to do is close the app first.
    Make sure the date and time are set and updated automatically.
  • Now, ‘Turn off’ Airplane Mode and then try turning it back on.
  • Then, open the app again and you should be able to access the server.

How do I fix Google Pay server problems?

If you are also facing Google Pay server problems, and couldn’t register a google pay error then you have to follow the given steps to fix it.

  • You have to clear the cache file of your Google Pay app. Clear it on you setting >> apps>> google pay >> clear cache option.
  • Update your Google Pay app.
  • Check Internet connection.

Note – After following all these steps, your Google Pay server error problem will be fixed. And you will be able to use it easily.

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