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Connect 4 Game Online 2 Player Or With Friends

Connect 4 Game Online 2 Player Or With Friends

Connect four play instructions- Here are the Rules and instructions to the connect 4 game. you can read below all about connect four Game.

The rules are Very simple Strategy For connect 4 game

  • you play against the computer and you both have 21 discs (or markers).
  • Depending on which level you choose, either you (with the red disk) or the computer starts (with the yellow disk).
  • Click on the column on which you want your disc to fall.
  • The disc falls into the lowest empty slot of that column.
  • You then wait for the disc to be inserted on the computer.
  • When the computer is finished, you can add easily your next disk .

To win in connect 4

First to get their four pieces in a straight line. A line can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. You must defeat the computer to complete the round. If it is a tie (the entire game board is filled with discs) then you have to try again.

Thoughts in the game

At more difficult levels, your computer often has to think for a long time to find a really good space for its disk. If you have a tired computer, it may take several minutes and during this period a pulsed spinning wheel will be shown in the middle of the board.

Enumeration of knowledge points

Each completed game level gives Connect 1 in 1 knowledge point. Crossing all 14 levels gains maximum marks (14 knowledge points).

When you complete level 2 and a silver medal after 5 rounds, you will get a bronze medal. A gold medal will be obtained after 10 full rounds.

In Connect 4, the maximum number of collectable gold medals is 14. You earn knowledge points only for levels that have not been cleaned before.

Above a clean level is a green background. When you have completed a level, you can still continue practicing at that level, but it does not give you more knowledge points.

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