Top 5 Best Music Player for android

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Best Music Player For Android

Top 5 Best Android Music Players: Today, I will be going to talk about the best Android music players. which is a very useful music player app with an equalizer. All music players support mp3, AAC, etc. There is a Top 5 Best Music Player App on this list. All of these best music player apps are highly rated on the playstore. We will discuss below all the features and their various details.

Best Android App For Music Player [High rating & easy to Use ]

Here you will find information about the Top 5 Best Music Players for Android. which are very highly rated and easy to use.

music player, android app,
Best Music Player For Android

Google Play Music

It is a free Android music player app and it is published by Google. Its user interfaces are very simple and appealing. You can hear any music or song freely. You can access categories such as songs, artists, or albums, or browse by genre, mood, activity, decade, and more. You can listen to your personal downloaded songs and also listen to various online song collections. It is also available for Android, iOS, and the web. It is also in the premium features. As a result, it is included in the list of the Best Android App for Music Player. 

Free features

  1. It is a free and premium app.
  2. It is a product of Google.
  3. It is available on Android, iOS, and the web.
  4. It supports radio, so everyone can listen to radio.
  5. It can the take a premium to get a subscription to podcasts.
  6. It is more popular because of the demand for its members. To learn more, click on the link.

Dub Music Player

This is an Android app and it is published by Dub Studio Publications. It works very fast, and it is also a music player. You can get a good stereo quality sound. It is the best Android app for music players and equalisers. Its ratings and reviews are very good. It got a 4.7 rating score.

It is an offline music player. You can access all of the songs by folder. It is a highly rated Android music player app. It includes hip-hop, rock, dance, pop, Latin, metal, classical, etc.

Features of Dub Music Player

  1. It is a free music player app.
  2. You can create and edit a playlist.
  3. It browses and plays songs by title, artists, albums, playlists, folders, and genres, etc.
  4. There are more themes (Classic, Material, Studio Green, Studio Red, SilverStudio, Genesis, Gold, Studio Orange), etc.
  5. You can search music by songs, artists, and albums, etc.
  6. It has a simple and effective interface, etc.
  7. It is supported as a ringtone, volume balance control, loudness enhancer, speed control, pitch control, etc.

Music Player

This is a music player App. It is published by mytechnosound. it is available on the playstore android version. The rating of this music player is 4.6, and the review is very effective. It has received 5 stars from all users.It means this music player is better.

The design of this music player is stylish, and it is a powerful and fast music player. It manages all your songs quickly. It supports mp3, midi, wave, FLAC, raw AAC files and other audio formats. It categorises everything into different categories like genres, albums, artists, songs, and folders.


  • It is a totally free music player app.
  • It can play all audio files.
  • It bands the graphical equalizer.
  • It has bass and 3D effects, and it supports MP3 editing.
  • It can play a song, change album art, tag editor, etc.

Music Player – Hash Player

This is also a music player app. and this is published by the music player app. It is an elegant and easy music player. It has an inbuilt voice assistant. which you can control with your voice. As a result, it is the best Android app for music players, and the author of this post has also included it. The combined rating and review of this website is 4.8. and its users give it 5 stars. Because of this, this music player is better and easy to use. Let’s know about the feature.


  • This music player is 100% free.
  • It collects the songs from your playlist.
  • It browses songs by album, genre, artist, and folders, etc.
  • It supports lyrics too.
  • You can cut ringtones easily.
  • You get an inbuilt voice assistant.
  • You can share songs without the internet.
  • You can choose your app’s language.
  • It supports audiobooks, curation, widgets, and lock screen control.

Equalizer music player booster

This music player is the best Android music player with a powerful equalizer. All the features are better than any other music player. It is also available on the playstore for your android devices. Similarly, all the music players have the same features. It is easy to use and has a more attractive design. The rating of this music player is 4.6 stars, which is favourable. If you want to download it, follow the link.


  1. It can browse songs in six different ways: playlist, genre, folder, artist, album, and songs.
  2. It supports the full widget with a list of songs.
  3. It can play the songs directly from the folder inside the App.
  4. Elegant themes are also available.
  5. You can create your own playlists as per your mood.
  6. You can set the ringtone within the music player.
  7. You can share your songs on social media apps.
  8. There are 40 different languages available, such as English, Hindi, German, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Japanese, French, Chinese, Indonesian, etc.
  9. It has an equalizer, a ringtone cutter, built-in Voice Assistance, and audiobook support, among other features. 

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