Top 5 Best Android App For SMS 2020; list of Messaging App

Best Android App For SMS

Top 5 Best Android App For SMS 2020; list of Messaging App:- Welcome all of you, today we will tell you about such Android SMS App. With the help of which you can easily SMS anywhere, it is absolutely free. By the way, there are many SMS app, with the help of which you can talk to anyone. And you can also send multimedia to it. So, friends, read the post for information on the best android app for SMS.

Top 5 Best android app for SMS

Messages App

Friends, these Messages App google has its own official app. With its help, you can do SMS, MMS and chat (RCS). From here you can easily chat anywhere. You can also share it with your friends. It can also send group text messages, favorite pictures, GIFs, emoji, stickers, videos and audio messages. The ratings and reviews of this app are good.

Features Of message App

1). These are easy to sharing App.
2). In this, you get Richer conversations. (Which can send audio messages, emoji, stickers or your location).

3). Powerful search is found in it. (You can learn more about the content shared in your conversation)

4). In this, you get Chat features (RCS). (In this, you get features like WhatsApp and messenger. You can see live typing of a user.)


These messages have been created by Gather media. In this, you can send text SMS, MMS. In this, you can also cluttered clunky SMS and MMS apps. The feature has been explained below. And it is also one of SMS best android app.

1). Material Design is available in it like- you can do good text messages.

2). In this, you can also change the theme. And there are about 200 Themes here.

3). Night mode features are also available here. And you can customize it according to your own.

4). In this, the option of group messaging, MMS is also available.

5). Security features are also available in it.

Pulse SMS (Phone / Tablet / Web)

This is also an android SMS App. And this is given by Klinker App, Inc. It is also a beautiful, new generation, and messaging app. The ratings and reviews on its playstore are excellent. And these are also in the list of best android app for SMS. Both its rating and review are good.

1). It is completely free for any mobile phone.

2). You can send text SMS, MMS everything in it.

3). In this, you get quick reply SMS popup. Along with him are awesome MMS GROUP and quick voice memos.

4). You can also customize it.

Textra SMS

Textra SMS is one of the stock Android messaging app. With its help, you can share Text, SMS, and MMS, chomp SMS etc. Both its rating and review are very effective.

1). 180+ material design themes are given in it.

2). And bubble and & app icon colours, dark themes,

3). It gets great features like light and auto-night modes.

4). It has 2900+ Android, Twitter, Emoji One & and iOS style emojis.


QKSMS is the best messaging app, with the help of which you can chat easily from anyone. These apps are ad-free and open source. And they are very good. Its ratings and reviews are great. You can use it. And they are also one of the best Android SMS app.

QKSMS features

1). It supports both dual-SIM and multi-SIM.

2). These are perfectly clean and safe apps.

3). This is a Customizable App, you can easily customize it.

4). In this, you can share photos using MMS, and can also group chat.

5). These are safe apps, from which you can easily restore your message.

6). And in this, you get features like convenient and accessibility.

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