5 Best Alternative Android App Store 2022

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Best Alternative Android App Store

The Best Android App Store Or Alternative App Store:- Friends, today we will tell you about the top 5 app stores from which you can install your mobile apps. By the way, you can install all Android apps from the Playstore and iOS apps directly from the Appstore. But do you know that apart from these two, there are many such app stores with the help of which you can install apps for your Android? So in today’s post, you will learn about the top app store list. If we do not delay, then let us start.

Alternative Android App store list 2022

android, app store,
Best Alternative Android App Store

Nowadays, it has become very easy to install Android apps. For this, you just have to open your mobile’s popular store, Playstore. But what if you unintentionally uninstall Google Playstore? For this, you will have to use a third-party app store. So this post has been written for all of you so that you can get information about the App Store for Android.

Google Playstore

Now, who does not know about this app store? Almost all users of Android must have the Google Playstore. Because the Google Playstore is Google’s own product, Therefore, it has been placed at number one in the list of Android App Stores. It is already present in almost all Android mobiles. With the help of the Google Playstore, you can download any app on your mobile.

Features of Google Playstore

1. This is an Android Store made by Google. They are absolutely free.

2. It acts as the official App store for the Android operating system.

3. Google Play works as a digital media store. It offers music, books, movies, and TV programs.

4. Google Playstore was launched on 6 March 2012.

5. Google Play Books, Google Play Games, Google Play Movies and TV and Google Play Music etc. services are available in Google Play.

6. Both free and premium apps are available here.

Playstore Category

  • Entertainment
  • Apps
  • Movie
  • Music
  • Books & Devices

Here is some information from the Google Playstore. And it is also known as the Android Market earlier. Let’s talk about the other best Android app stores.

Amazon Appstore

The Amazon Appstore is an alternative app to Google Play. You can also download the app for Android from here. It is very easy to use. Filter it by any app. Amazon is a great appstore. Anyone can install the Android app without any errors. And they are more famous than other app stores.

Galaxy store

The Galaxy Store has also risen to the top of the list of the best Android app stores. Also, you can easily download the latest app for your Android mobile phone. But one thing that is not good is that they are not for all users. This is only for Samsung mobile users. As a result, this Galaxy App store has lagged behind the second-best Android App store.


APKPure is also a third-party Android app store, and you can download any app for Android from here. You can install the entire app on the play store from here also. APKPure is a collection of all the latest apps. In this, you also get editor’s choice apps. So it is also placed under Google’s alternative Android app stores.


Aptoide is a third-party Android App store. With its help, the App can be installed for Android. Here you get the list of Android apps and popular apps. You can use this app only in an emergency. because its interface is not very attractive. They do, however, appear on Google’s list of alternative Android app stores.


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