( Real and Fake )Azpil app

azpil app, Real and Fake Azpil app website ( App ) review and Earning proof

You have been told through the payment proof screenshot of this website, you can see the payment of this website is coming. Nothing can be said about whether it will come forward or not.

Azpil app real or fake customer service

The customer service of this website is very good because you get any problem like your recharge is not successful, your withdrawal has not come, if there is any problem then you can talk to the customer service.

Their customer service option will be found on the website and by going there you can talk through Telegram or WhatsApp, they will answer your message soon, and your message would be answered within a minute or two. withdrawal and recharge

Here you get the options of both Recharge and Withdrawal. You can take the minimum withdrawal of ₹ 150 here and the minimum recharge can also be ₹ 300. You can use UPI apps (phone pay, google pay, Paytm etc.) on the phone to recharge. To take a withdrawal, it is necessary to have your account number and IFSC code.

To take a withdrawal, you need to apply for withdrawal between 8.30 am to 6.30 pm.

Your payment withdrawal is credited to your bank account within 24 hours of withdrawal. ( Real and Fake )

Now let’s talk about our last topic. Friends, let us tell you that this is a type of scam. This is a website made by some people which is being run from another country i.e. it is a website outside India and they are operated from there.

Their purpose is that they make investments in the beginning and they also give withdrawal, but as soon as they have more investment later.

azpil app, Real and Fake Azpil app

So they stop giving withdrawal and ask you to recharge something else and even after that your withdrawal does not come and that company you will see that after 10 days that website also does not open anymore because it is a fake website Is.

Thus it is also that there is a website but as long as you are paying, you can work on it.

If you want to invest, then you can do it at your own risk, our blog website will not have any responsibility for this.

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